CARE Presentation Notes Part 1: Why Technology is Important to Recyclers

The great team at the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) was kind enough to ask me to give a presentation on technology at their 2013 CARE Entrepreneur Meeting, held in Atlanta, GA on October 23rd.  I had a great time and I am especially grateful to Dr. Bob Peoples, CARE’s Executive Director, for giving me the opportunity to meet so many great folks in recycling.  My presentation was titled Technology for Recycling Businesses (in 600 seconds).

Why technology is important for collectors and recyclers:

–More and more buyers are using Google to find sellers.  If you don’t have a website, buyers will get frustrated and they will have trouble finding your proper contact information.

–Think of your technology as your company’s digital storefront.  If you have a bad looking website or use an @hotmail, @gmail, @yahoo, etc email address, customers will get a negative impression from your digital storefront before they ever have contact with your business.

–Presentation matters.  The best products in the world, presented poorly, won’t be appealing to consumers.

–Fortunately, there are a few simple technology tools that can dramatically improve your company’s digital presence and the presentation of your products/company to potential customers.

Stay tuned for an overview of those tools, coming to the RecycleAmp blog sometime soon.

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