RecycleAmp Fully Acquired By John Thier

DALTON, GA — I’m excited to share the news that I have agreed to purchase all of RecycleAmp.

For two years, I have focused on building technology tools to help companies maximize the value of their recyclable industrial waste.  This purchase gives RecycleAmp the independence we need to serve our existing and future customers to the best of our ability.  It also ensures that the nerds are now firmly and permanently in control here at RecycleAmp.

I am incredibly thankful for our time spent growing with the team at Renuco.  I can say with certainty that RecycleAmp would not exist without their partnership.  Moving forward, we will continue to work closely with Renuco when it makes sense for both companies.

With this purchase come some exciting changes at RecycleAmp.  I’ll be handing over most of my technical responsibilities to two extremely talented developers who have helped build some of our most important products.  We’ll also be relocating to a new and larger facility here in Dalton, GA.

The recycling world is filled with incredible opportunity.  We’re looking forward to working with our customers to deliver technology that dramatically increases their returns.

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