Carpet and Recycling Industry in Georgia Braces for Snowpocalypse 2.0

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Two weeks ago: Winter 1, Atlanta 0

After being gridlocked by winter storm Leon two weeks ago, the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas are doing everything possible to prepare for the 1-3 inches of snow currently expected over Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  Mostly, the “preparations” involve canceling absolutely everything on the schedule.  The general consensus is that north Georgia is shut down and might as well not exist until Thursday.

For the recycling community, this means that if you are planning on any meetings, calls, or shipments from companies in Atlanta — good luck.  I’ve had 4 meetings rescheduled to next week already.  And before our friends in the north snicker too much at prospect of Georgia shutting down for a measly 3 inches, the simple fact is that snow removal trucks are almost non-existent in Georgia, most people don’t have 4-wheel drive cars, and no one knows how to drive in the snow down here.

The forecast:


Stay safe out there folks.

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