3 Steps To Not Getting Crushed By Falling Nylon Prices

Don’t be this guy

Here’s what top waste sales teams do in falling markets:

1) Have Options: While it is often not a good idea to change purchasers in a falling market, the only thing that keeps your current purchaser from collapsing prices completely is the knowledge that you have other good options.  We see a good target as having at least 5 good purchasers competing for each material.

2) Know The Market: Waste purchasers spend their days making deals for materials, so they usually have more pricing information.  Waste sales teams should combat this by regularly bidding out at least small amounts of materials, having conversations with partner companies in other industries that sell similar waste, and paying close attention to index pricing information.

3) Work With Your Purchasers: When prices are dropping, it’s best to talk about pricing with your purchasers early and often.  If you don’t, your purchaser will likely lose money in the short term, then drop their prices significantly to make that money back…and more.  Being willing to drop prices earlier usually leads to smaller and shorter price decreases in the long run.

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